Those Things I Write

Eiffel Flower- 80k
Women's Fiction/New Adult

Striking Out In Paris
Short Story
Published in the September 2011 edition of Katherine Press Review

Chasing Murphy's Law
YA Romance/Mystery
55K, second draft
Pitch Coming Soon.
                      Dear Tiffany,

            I'm in AP Physics right now, but I can't concentrate on a single formula—            An easy answer. I would recommend that the person attend National Honor Society tutoring.
            -because I'm hopelessly in love with a girl in my class. She's in the front row, so I just spend the whole class staring at her. I want to ask her to prom, but I'm too chicken. What should I do?
-Murphy's Law
            Of course it wasn’t about Physics. That would be too easy. Okay, I barely pulled a B on the last exam, but come on, soliciting more dating advice from the girl who had never had a boyfriend? I hadn't even be on a “date” since freshmen year.
             This was also an especially awkward situation considering the fact that this boy was in my Physics class. And that I was one of only two girls in said class. And that I was the only girl who sat in the front row—
            I could feel my heart beat in my finger tips, my fingers rattling the keys of the computer. It took every Vinyasa breathing technique I knew to, well, begin breathing again.        
Murphy’s Law wanted to ask me to prom, and it was Tiffany's job to give him advice. But was it my job to figure out who Murphy's Law was?
            Dear Murphy's Law,
            I'm never going to get that damn expose done now, am I?            -A Clueless Tiffany

The Artist's Muse
Historical Romance Novella
12K, complete and submitting

Coralie Boisson has one night in Arles to sign a deal with the handsome, and possibly mad, artist Jonah Struik. It is her big chance to finally prove herself as an art dealer and the fact that Jonah is the biggest rival of the secret lover that spurned her only sweetens the deal.

When Jonah finds out that Denis Boisson has sent his daughter to broker the sale, he knows that his former employer must be playing games with him. But Jonah soon realizes that Coralie is not the silly or manipulative dilettante he thought she was. And Coralie realizes that Jonah isn’t the madman the art world has labeled him as. The two come to find that they might just be able to redeem each other, physically and emotionally.