Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10 Day Writing Challenge

So, I’ve finished my last novella/short story. Yay! And by finished, I mean signed, sealed, and delivered. Of course, all of those terms are antiquated in today’s day and age of electronic submissions. It will probably be 4-6 months before I hear back about my novella.

This means that I need to move onto a new writing project. Over break, I edited about half of my YA, but stopped after hitting an editing block. I find that when I try to do too much editing at once, the quality of my editing decreases drastically. What I really need to do is get back on absolutewrite so I can find a beta. I have an account on the site, but don’t know my password (oops) and the email it is linked to was uber hacked (double oops). And since you need 50 posts to use the SYW and beta features on absolutewrite, I need to get posting on a new account!

So until I get back into my YA, I decided to write another short/novella. I had a few ideas, but decided to go with a contemporary since I have the best feel for the characters in it. I’ve found that with short romances, you’ve really got to know your characters because the sparks have got to be instantaneous. You’ve got to highlight internal conflict without a whole bunch of external conflicts to bring it out.
Historical-wise, I’d really like to do something Gatsby-era. But considering I have about twelve internship applications to complete and a new semester around the bend, I’m going to take it one new project at a time.

So, my goal is to get 10,000 words and a second draft of a short contemp romance in the next ten days. I’ll post my results and the lessons I learn along the way (I have a feeling pacing is going to be a major issue).  I also generally don’t assign myself word per day quotas, but hopefully with such a short story it will be manageable.

Does anyone else have writing goals for this month? Let me know!


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