Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm Just Missing You (College)

My winter break is longer than most college's. Or at least I feel like it is. Empirically, it might not be. But considering I'm not the biggest fan of being home, the five weeks of winter break are torture. Especially when most of my friends and my sister go back before me.

Here are the things I miss the most about being on campus:

1) Freedom
This may sound cliche, but I have so much more freedom in college. Primarily, the freedom to travel. I am from a small rural area and can't drive while I'm home, so over break I'm basically stuck unless my mom will drive me or a friend can. However, I go to school in a city where I can walk or take the bus anywhere. I'm also a train away from Boston and NYC at my college. I have yet to go to NYC, but 60 minutes and seven dollars to Boston is really fun.

2) Food
Sure, going to school in New England from Maryland, I miss real seafood (crabs and shrimp) and Old Bay. I also miss some home cooking (fried chicken and slippery pot pie), but overall I eat better at school. I want more curry in my life. I want jumbo muffins and focacia bread.

3) Friends
I miss my roommate. I miss my weekly friend brunches. I miss being able to see them whenever I want (see point one). I am even starting to miss the people I don't really like. No surprise. That happened to me after graduation. I've really enjoyed seeing some friends over break who I was maybe sick of at the end of high school. That is one good thing about break: seeing old friends.
graduation goggles

The only good thing about not having anything to do over winter break is that I have no excuse not to write!


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