Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 1 Writing Challenge Results

So, yesterday was Day 1 of my 10 day writing push. Here are the results:

Word Count: 3,328

  • I'm a third of the way to my goal.
  • I've figured out the plot and developed secondary characters.
  • The love-hate thing between the protagonists is starting to work out. I was afraid my hero was too unlikable to be redeemed, but maybe not.
  • I love the setting of the story and, for once, it doesn't require a lot of research for authenticity because I interned in the city.
  • My quick progress might have more to do with the fact that I established these characters like these in a secondary story line in another project, so I already know some of their dialogue.
  • The two main characters are aides at a state general assembly, so keeping politics in without annoying readers is hard. I want the story to appeal to readers regardless of their politics, but obviously Summer and James are very passionate about their beliefs. But there's definitely something sexy/taboo about falling in love with someone across the aisle, so I'm trying to play that up.
  • I'm at 3,000 words and I've just established the main conflict. If this story is 10k, that's not good. I might have to up the final word count. I'm targeting it to a particular line, but the publishers also accepts longer novellas, so I could do either.
And just for fun:

My James (but with green eyes)
My Summer:


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