Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 2 Writing Challenge Results

привет, first of all, to all the people hitting my blog up from Russia? Not sure what that referring link's all about, but I guess I'll be refraining from any political rants just in case...

In other news...

Word Count: a whopping 8,566 (+5,238)
  • I got to write my first fight scene. Like, not a fight between  a guy and a girl, but a knock-out, physical fight between two guys. Not only was it fun to actually show males being aggressive and stupid, it was set in one of my favorite restaurants, so I got to use a lot of vivid imagery. For example:
He slugged Ben square in the jaw, driving him back into the wall of portraits behind him. The frames containing Bill Clinton and the former Miss Maryland fell to the floor, the glass shattering everywhere. One of the pages at the table next to them screamed. 
  • I wrote. A lot. And still managed to do other things yesterday. So that's good.
  • The first draft of this "short novella" will definitely be over 10K. I'm not sure if that means it will reach a full novella length or not, especially when edits will mean cutting a lot. But I'm impressed at how much I've got done already. My last novella took at least a week to write (of course, that might have been because I wrote it on my phone while on the exercise bike)
  • I can already tell the story will need a lot of edits. Pacing in such a short story is very tricky, especially when I'm bringing in side characters. I feel like the hero and the heroine aren't spending enough time together.
  • I'm not sure if I'm switching POV enough. In my last short novella, when to switch POV came very naturally. Here, I'm just doing it each "chapter." I don't think that's giving the reader the chance to really see Summer fall in love with James. They only get to see James' thoughts on winning over Summer, which isn't enough.
Favorite Line from Yesterday's Write:
Too late for the fries. James saw Summer pass underneath the iconic green and orange awning of Chick and Ruth’s.  He stood up to greet her and hit his head on one of the bagels hanging from the ceiling. He rubbed his head. Those things were like rocks. He was twenty-four and still felt like he a gangly teenager, getting used to his awkwardly tall height. 

Goal For Today: Possibly go back and edit before writing anymore. I know some people find editing before they're done counter-productive, but I find that it can save work later on in the process.


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