Wednesday, January 25, 2012

blogs, blogs, blogs

So, I started classes today.
And I'm shopping like a mad woman, trying to find the perfect ones. Also, I am taking care of a zillion other school things. And I just got a job. In addition to my classes/homework/journalism/other activities.

American dream, eh?

So, when I get some time, I'm going to figure out a blogging schedule. I was thinking maybe doing a post for each genre I write each week and then publishing posts the last week of each month.

Maybe book reviews one day! I started reading The Goddess Test on my flight home. I'm excited for it to get past the "Oh my goodness I'm new and all the boys love me and why don't they just leave me alone?" Mary Sue part. I think it's going to be pretty good though. Aimee Carter definitely doesn't mess around, piling on too much back story or purple prose to describe emotions. I like that. I just hope the characters don't suffer for it.

Anyone else have thoughts on The Goddess Test?


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