Friday, January 20, 2012

Blogging Tips: Spam Isn't Just for Comments Anymore

So, when I came back from my impromptu mental/physical health break, I noticed that I had a lot of new blog views.

About 300 new ones. And considering I'm no blog star, I knew something was up. And because all of the referring links that the hits came from were weird broken links that had nothing to do with me or writing. A quick google search taught me that you can get "spam traffic" from this links because the SEOs who create them want you to click on their sites and try to make a few pennies. Not sure what the point of that is, but I guess if you spam enough it could be lucrative.

And I thought I was getting some blogging friends from Russia. Well, shoot! I still feel excited about getting referred from Google El Salvador though ;)

Blog on, friends!


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